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Teaching, Demonstrations ,Workshops ,and Art Classes as a Gift

My teaching these days includes, organised groups (for example the Heswall W.I. art group, Heswall art society and the Hoylake Art group)demonstrations and talks for Societies  (such as Irby Artists, Neston Art group and Churchtown art group Deeside Art Group.), and  Workshop days.

Workshops should be fun experiences and work at a variety of levels for those involved.  Recent topics have been “Urban Sketching”, “Watercolour for Beginners”, and “Six of the Best”

I am happy to tailor a workshop for a particular group on a particular topic so as to ensure the participants get as much out of the day as possible.Garstang art group

Classes as a gift

For example Birthdays, Retirement, Anniversaries, or Christmas.

Often a well received gift that is a little out of the ordinary.  One-on-one  (or one-on -two)  Art Tutoring is undertaken at my studio in Meols and can be structured to suit the level of ability of participants and the type of art they are interested in.

Classes are for all levels of adult amateur artists. Those starting out for the first time on a retirement hobby, those coming back to painting after many years and for those wishing to refine existing or latent skills. Initially students do not have to buy any materials or equipment as I am happy to provide this. In many ways its better to not buy beforehand as there is such a variety of stuff out there and it can be quite an expensive pastime!

Classes take place in my studio in Meols and because they are in groups of no more than two tutoring time can be better focussed and personal progress  enhanced.  Practical projects cover topics such as colour mixing, applying washes, materials, papers, perspective – in fact anything to do with watercolour and  art. Other associated skills and techniques such as drawing, sketching, mono-printing and abstract work can be introduced as students choose. (I do not tutor oil or acrylic painting, and feel that teaching children is better left to schools).

The essence of a good watercolour painting is to enjoy the process and have fun, – if you produce a picture you are pleased with –  well that’s an added benefit!

My guilty admission is that I thoroughly enjoy the classes as I try to make them both fun and educational for students.  If you are interested in tutorials such as this please call 07962980177 and we can talk it through. My current rates are: £30.00 an hour for two hour sessions and If buying four sessions the  overall fee  is discounted to £110.