Demo’s for D.A.G. and Magenta

Graham Thew November 15, 2019

I enjoyed presenting demonstrations for both D.A.G.(Deeside Art Group) and the Magenta art groups this week. I was delighted to be asked in by both. D.A.G. are a very high profile art group on the Wirral with an active and enthusiastic membership. They have a regular Saturday afternoon Demo for the members. I was a…Read More »

W.I. Heswall, workshop morning.

Graham Thew November 13, 2019

Lovely morning with a group of enthusiastic Artists from Heswall W.I. The workshop was held at the “Barn” in Heswall, they have an upstairs room which is ideal for a group of up 15. I did a couple of demo’s of fish and fruit in watercolour using different techniques and then unleashed the  ladies  to…Read More »

“Urban Sketching Workshop” Williamson Art Gallery

Graham Thew

I recently ran an Urban sketching Workshop at the Williamson Art Gallery. The day went well and I was lucky to have a group of very attentive and enthusiastic attendees. We worked through various drawing techniques,  the fun really started however with the group sketches, amazing sketches produced in short periods (10-15 mins) with the…Read More »