As the Sun Sets. A Landscape.

Graham Thew September 25, 2020

I’m intrigued by the way that as the sun sets, the colours created by the extremes of light can transmorph the landscape into shapes that you could never imagine. Nor could you imitate the transition ¬†with anything other than a painting. A photograph is an instant and will never register the “feel” or three dimensional…Read More »

Watch to the Horizon

Graham Thew

I’m on a roll! Finished another picture in my Horizon Watchers series. Especially pleased with this for the distance in the picture and the fact that the people are not overpowered by the depth and distance of the sea. It is also a slightly more realistic rendition of the people without trying too hard to…Read More »

Greetings Cards.

Graham Thew September 2, 2020

I have updated the website to show all my greetings card designs in the “Gallery” section. The minimum order for cards is 5 but they may be selected on a mix and match basis from all of the designs shown. All card come in a cellophane wrapper with a white envelope and are blank for…Read More »