Virtual Sketchwalkers..Russia

Graham Thew March 8, 2021

The Sketchwalkers have moved onto Russia and Aniko has posted a fascinating selection of photos for us to work from. My first couple of pictures have been pen and ink  sketches which isn’t my normal…Read More »

Vietnam sketches, continued…

Graham Thew January 26, 2021

I have continued this week with working on sketches from the Sketchwalk group’s photos. This one seemed very appropriate as we were in Vietnam this time last year and one of my abiding memories is…Read More »

Genesis Triptych a new work

Graham Thew

I have worked on a previous idea this week, producing small iconic works to sit together. With so much news revolving around test tubes these days , covid cures, gene therapies, gene engineering I felt…Read More »

Viet Nam with the Sketchwalk group

Graham Thew January 20, 2021

I am really enjoying the simplicity of sketching from the photos posted on the Facebook page of this group. Whilst I am not a great believer in drawing from photographs, at this time when it…Read More »

Sketchwalk Group

Graham Thew January 19, 2021

I have joined a new group on Facebook . They are the “sketchwalk group”. It’s a really nice idea that each month someone posts a whole load of photos from their area and for the…Read More »

New Year Sketchers : 5-a-Day challenge

Graham Thew

Well the new year has not seen any respite in covid restrictions so I set about setting a new “challenge” for Wirral Urban sketchers (WUS)for last Sunday. The theme was a sketch entitled “My five…Read More »

Urban Sketchers’ challenges.

Graham Thew December 10, 2020

The covid lockdowns have meant we have not been able to get out sketching as a group, but on a two weekly basis I have been setting “challenges” for our group and must say it…Read More »

A Pear in Watercolour and ink

Graham Thew November 22, 2020

The theme of this week’s Sketchers’ challenge was fruit so I decided to have a go at another video tutorial and the fruits of my labour you can find on the “info sheets” page of…Read More »

Boat drawings

Graham Thew November 2, 2020

Further to the info sheet on drawing boats I thought I would post another couple of pages of boat drawings. One a fairly straightforward couple of boat drawings/sketches and the other four, well almost “doodled”,…Read More »

Boat drawing challenge

Graham Thew

Ahead of next Sunday’s boat drawing challenge for Wirral Urban sketchers I have prepared some info sheets on drawing boats and even filmed a short video on the “figure of 8 method of drawing boats”…Read More »

As the Sun Sets. A Landscape.

Graham Thew September 25, 2020

I’m intrigued by the way that as the sun sets, the colours created by the extremes of light can transmorph the landscape into shapes that you could never imagine. Nor could you imitate the transition…Read More »

Watch to the Horizon

Graham Thew

I’m on a roll! Finished another picture in my Horizon Watchers series. Especially pleased with this for the distance in the picture and the fact that the people are not overpowered by the depth and…Read More »

Greetings Cards.

Graham Thew September 2, 2020

I have updated the website to show all my greetings card designs in the “Gallery” section. The minimum order for cards is 5 but they may be selected on a mix and match basis from…Read More »

Wallasey Golf Clubhouse

Graham Thew July 25, 2020

The clubhouse has recently been refurbished and the main bar and former stud  bar combined. A visual improvement also enhanced by the extension to the patio area. So I thought I should update my pictures…Read More »

The Horizon Watchers

Graham Thew

I have recently finished this picture which was in the planning stages for such a long time. The core of the work is the idea of horizon and how we all seem to be always…Read More »

Thwarted Urban Sketching meeting

Graham Thew June 27, 2020

Well I’ve just unfortunately had to cancel the meeting that was planned for tomorrow for Wirral Urban Sketchers due to the absolutely horrible weather forecast 🙁 It was to be our first distanced meeting after…Read More »

Port Sunlight picture

Graham Thew

I have just completed a picture I have been meaning to do for some considerable time. It is based on a number of sketches I have done over the years with The Urban Sketchers and…Read More »

Chester Eastgate picture

Graham Thew May 12, 2020

I have just finished this picture of Chester Eastgate and the famous clock. It’s an image I have been meaning to get round to for some time after I sat and sketched it a year…Read More »