Home is Where the Art Is

Graham Thew April 23, 2019

Well now it can be told! I made my television debut on the B.B.C ‘s “Home is Where the Art Is” yesterday, Easter Monday. The series was filmed in late December and January at the Buyers’ beautiful house up in the Lake District, here at home in the studio, and over in the B.B.C.’s Salford…Read More »

Urban Sketching Workshop with Churchtown Art Group

Graham Thew April 14, 2019

Had a super day at Churchtown (Southport 11.April 2019) running a workshop on Urban Sketching. 18 artists all enthusiastically set to with various tasks I set in the morning session after very politely listening to me talk about Urban sketching , materials, and equipment.  The afternoon session was sketching outside and we were blessed with…Read More »

Williamson Open, pictures in the exhibition.

Graham Thew March 25, 2019

Delighted to have had two pictures accepted for the Williamson Open. A watercolour entitled “Approaching Storm Meols Common ” which is part of the series  of pictures from the same vantage point over a period of months showing the change in the view as the seasons rolled by. The other picture is a print from…Read More »

Friday with the Hoylake art group

Graham Thew February 11, 2019

Another lovely Friday afternoon was spent with the enthusiastic Hoylake art group at the community centre. I never fail to be amazed at the fact that I can do a demo of a picture and then the group will set to using the demo picture as their basis, and yet the pictures are all as…Read More »

Sketch Liverpool World Museum

Graham Thew February 3, 2019

Lovely morning with Liverpool urban sketchers at Liverpool World Museum , but more importantly Inside!

Inflated Flamingoes

Graham Thew December 31, 2018

I was pleased to sell my picture “Inflation in Majorca” at the recent W.S.A. exhibition and have used the same subject for another picture in the same vein based on my sketches and photos. “Inflated Flamingoes” is just fun, so rarely do you get to use the bright colours and wonderful shapes of these swimming…Read More »

More Inflation!

Graham Thew November 20, 2018

I have completed another  painting based on my sketches in Majorca of swimming pool inflatables, The subject is fascinating as it brings into play all the essentials of watercolour painting especially the use of shadow and how colour reacts in shadow. There is also a huge fun element to the pictures as I have used…Read More »

The “Horizon Line” Project

Graham Thew November 12, 2018

I have amassed a body of work and investigations into the  concept we all know as “The Horizon” Reviewing what I have is going to take time and I need to determine to what end I have been heading. To date my investigations have led me to produce artwork of great variety, I have printwork,…Read More »

Class for Heswall W.I. art group

Graham Thew November 6, 2018

Enjoyed a morning with a very enthusiastic bunch from Heswall W.I. Our venue was the “Barn” in Heswall which was ideal for our purposes. I had been asked if I could do something with a Christmas theme and a landscape as well. I undertook a demonstration based on a picture I had prepared and the ladies…Read More »

Wirral Urban Sketchers

Graham Thew

The group has moved seamlessly into its third year. We regularly get 30-40 sketchers at our meet-ups and a core group of very enthusiastic and dedicated sketchers is now at the core of our numbers. The facebook page also now has upwards of 250 followers and we regularly get many very positive and fun comments…Read More »