Memory Picture for an RAF officer

Graham Thew April 26, 2020

I am delighted to say I have recently finished what was one of the most enjoyable “memory pictures” to tackle. The content was generated from the client’s background of serving as an RAF officer so featured ‘planes, medals and a map of Kandahar province in Afghanistan. Also the important family references and the skyline of…Read More »

Urban sketching during the lock down

Graham Thew

What strange times we are living in! Clearly Wirral Urban sketchers are unable to get together for our usual monthly sketching meetings, but I am pleased to say the numbers in the group have gone up and we now have over 200 followers on our Facebook page and every two weeks during the lock down…Read More »

Workshops and demonstrations…

Graham Thew February 20, 2020

Had a lovely week with some very enthusiastic arty people. Saturday I visited Chester Grosvenor Art Society and did a demo of the view towards the Grand Canal in Venice. The demo was a bit of a race against the clock as it followed their A.G.M. A crowd of almost 100 asked some very interesting…Read More »

Demonstration pictures

Graham Thew February 14, 2020

I have three or four demonstration and workshops coming up and so decided to work up some previous sketches and drawings into full pictures in order to use them at the demo’s. Three of the assignments are on the topic of “seascapes” so I dusted off some sketches of Venice along with a picture of…Read More »

Three New Info sheets

Graham Thew

I have added three new information sheets onto the site. They were originally prepared for some sketching and drawing workshops I ran last year, but I felt they could be potentially useful for anybody setting out to start sketching as a new hobby or pastime. There is also one about sketching buildings which hopefully any…Read More »

Sketches from the Far East

Graham Thew February 11, 2020

We have just returned from a fantastic cruise in the Far East, travelling from Singapore ¬†up to Burma, across to Cambodia and then along the coast of Viet Nam to finish in Hong Kong. I took a smaller sketchbook with me as I know on this kind of trip I rarely get the time I’d…Read More »

Hoylake Art Group, My first modelling assignment!!

Graham Thew December 13, 2019

Had a lovely afternoon with the H.A.G.s (Hoylake Art group) they had said they wanted to do people. I remembered a class we had done at Art School where you start a drawing of a model and after two/three minutes move on to the place next to you and carry on with the picture there….Read More »

Liverpool Urban Sketchers

Graham Thew

Spent a happy Saturday Morning with L.U.S. at the Metropolitan Cathedral. It’s nice to pop along where I’m not expected to organise or take any lead role, fun to just sketch and chat to friendly faces I have known over the years and to meet some of the army of new sketchers. The weather was…Read More »

Demo’s for D.A.G. and Magenta

Graham Thew November 15, 2019

I enjoyed presenting demonstrations for both D.A.G.(Deeside Art Group) and the Magenta art groups this week. I was delighted to be asked in by both. D.A.G. are a very high profile art group on the Wirral with an active and enthusiastic membership. They have a regular Saturday afternoon Demo for the members. I was a…Read More »