Hoylake Art Group Afternoons

Graham Thew February 22, 2016

I teach a group of friends, the HAGS at Hoylake community Centre, last Friday was “paint some fruit day” and the work that was done I believe was some of the best I have seen since I started with them ,must be about 3 or even 4 years ago now. The variety of approaches and…Read More »

Caribbean Holiday

Graham Thew February 16, 2016

We have just returned from a cruise in the Caribbean, not teaching this time but visiting many of our favourite islands. We were on the P&O ship the “Brittania” and visited… well let me show you the islands they are on the sketches below. On St Lucia I met “Ethiopia” (real name Stephen) whose bar…Read More »

Comfort Zone Challenge

Graham Thew

I have two great friends Adrian and Mahiyar and we take it in turns to organise events which may nudge us a little out of our comfort zones. We were chatting and I was advised by them that I could never teach them to paint a picture as they believed they had no artistic skill. What…Read More »