Autumn Leaves class

Graham Thew November 25, 2021

I spent a very enjoyable morning with the enthusiastic craft group of Heswall W.I. Drawing and painting some autumnal leaves. I had spent an hour or so collecting the leaves from the local wood and they presented quite a demanding exercise in line, wash and layering to achieve a satisfying rendering. The ladies tackled the challenge with relish and some very fine work was produced . I am always delighted when championing a class such as this at the breadth of different interpretations that are produced. I can do a step by step demonstration of the subject and yet at the end of the workshop a myriad of different interpretations embodying great individuality will have been set to paper. It really is one of the aspects that brings a smile and makes running such classes so rewarding.

P.S. these are my demonstration pictures… 🙂

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