Demonstration for Neston & District Art Soc.

Graham Thew January 5, 2016

I was delighted to be asked along to Neston & District Arts Soc ┬álast evening to give a demonstration and talk. We were made most welcome and set up my paints etc at the front of the Hall whilst the able technical team under Keith’s guidance set about organising a camera to relay images to a large T.V. so all that wanted to see could! I gave a brief introduction about myself and then set too with the snowy lane painting you may see below. Everybody was very attentive and at one point I had to look up to make sure they hadn’t all crept out whilst my head was down…. it was so quiet. A couple of very pertinent questions broke the ice and from there on in it was a very enjoyable to and fro.There were however audible grumblings at one stage about the lack of snow on the top of the walls but I was able to allay the fears with a timely Conte pastel pencil!

Most asked question of the evening… “where do you get your green masking tape?”

The break came not a moment too soon and the wonderful Beryl made some much needed tea. It turned out with all the chatting the second “half” was only to be about 30 mins long so I set about wielding an artistic credit card to produce a group of ash trees in double quick time (see below) As time was tight there was only one volunteer to “have a go” at the credit card technique but judging by the number of blank cards handed out at the end of the evening there will plenty trying the technique in the peace of their own homes (either that or it was an audience of forgers !)

Smashing evening, thank you Neston DAS for asking me along!

(Below the pictures I demonstrated along with another couple of snow scenes.)

with added snow...
with added snow…
for the forgers...
for the forgers…

Snowy Road and BarnLlandegla Moor in the snow

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