Only a Landscape will do it

Graham Thew December 14, 2015

There’s times when I sit at my drawing board waiting for inspiration to strike, I find if I am doing something ,drawing something and thinking about art there’s much more chance of an idea springing forth!

Very often the work I will do is a straightforward landscape, and so it was with the picture here.

Some years ago I used to drive on a regular basis down to Llanberis in Snowdonia and this trip would take me along the A4086 out of Capel Curig towards Snowdonia. One day I spotted this bridge and stopped the car to take a picture, meaning someday to use it as the basis for a painting. I was sorting through some old photos the other day and found it and set to…..

Snowdonia from Capel Curig.. I hope you like it..IMG_2044

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