The “Horizon Line” Project

Graham Thew November 12, 2018

I have amassed a body of work and investigations into the  concept we all know as “The Horizon” Reviewing what I have is going to take time and I need to determine to what end I have been heading. To date my investigations have led me to produce artwork of great variety, I have printwork, watercolours, photo-montage, drawings etc. etc. Along with a book of quotes each of which contain the word Horizon. I wonder if I shouldn’t just focus on one of these spheres of work and see how it takes me further?

I have enjoyed finding and reviewing the quotes and the many different ways we interpret the word and now have  over a hundred quotes from the famous and not so famous , from literary works and lyrics, from film scripts and poets, all with the word “Horizon” included. All hand-written in white on black within a book.
The quotes and indeed the other artworks all serve to demonstrate the many ways humankind has chosen to interpret this very special and enigmatic theme. A line that doesn’t actually exist yet one that holds physical and spiritual significance.
A line that raises questions about the edge of our world, perceived and actual boundaries and ultimately our very existence…….. I’ve  only just begun to scratch the surface!

From the "Horizon Line" series
From the “Horizon Line” series
from the Horizon Quotes series
from the “Horizon Line” series
part of the "Horizon Line"series
part of the “Horizon Line”series
part of my "Horizon Line" project
part of my “Horizon Line” project
part of my "Horizon Line"project
part of my “Horizon Line”project
part of my "Horizon Line" project
part of my “Horizon Line” project

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