Urban Sketching in Chester.

Graham Thew April 7, 2024

Enjoyed a wonderful morning in Chester  (Saturday 6th April 2024) with a large group of Urban sketchers drawn from many different places, The “Draw on Tour” group were visiting and Liverpool decided to switch their monthly Saturday get-together to co-ordinate with the group. Sketchers from Leeds, Shrewsbury, Liverpool, Southport and of course our own Wirral group all enjoyed the day. I spent an enjoyable morning opposite the famous “Rows” sketching the iconic corner of Watergate and Bridge streets. What I enjoyed most though, and what I expect to become the overriding memory was the buzz, the crowds, the buskers singing , the kids calling and the general hub-bub a morning just soaking it all up. Just what urban sketching is about, recording the moment in time.

with the urban sketchers in Chester

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