Home is Where the Art Is

Graham Thew April 23, 2019

Well now it can be told!

I made my television debut on the B.B.C ‘s “Home is Where the Art Is” yesterday, Easter Monday.

The series was filmed in late December and January at the Buyers’ beautiful house up in the Lake District, here at home in the studio, and over in the B.B.C.’s Salford warehouse studios. It was all an amazing experience, albeit with quite an amount of self-inflicted pressure!

I suppose the hardest part was deciding on the type of picture to propose at “the Pitch” and looking back I am pleased that I opted for the graphic approach which went down so well and allowed me to include so much. I was pleased to be selected for the final stage and even more pleased when Kate and Carl “the buyers” opted to purchase both the very different works of art presented to them.  It was fascinating to see how the B.B.C. team edited the masses of film they took (I’m sure they could have made “Ben Hur” over again with the hours of film taken) I believe they chose very fairly as it seemed to me that the three of us taking part were given much the same amount of exposure.

A big thank you to everyone who has taken the time to drop me a line, text or email to say how much they enjoyed the show, for at the end of the day it really was a very enjoyable and quite moving experience at times.

With Kate and Carl
being selected!
The denouement !
My finished piece
B.B.C. flyer for the programme
screenshot of me working in the studio
The studio. Because the show was filmed in January it looks like I’m working at the dead of night. This was actually about 4.40 p.m.!


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