Only a Landscape will do it

Graham Thew December 14, 2015

There’s times when I sit at my drawing board waiting for inspiration to strike, I find if I am doing something ,drawing something and thinking about art there’s much more chance of an idea springing forth! Very often the work I will do is a straightforward landscape, and so it was with the picture here….Read More »

Merry Christmas

Graham Thew December 12, 2015

Thought I would just say a Merry Christmas to one and all, and attach this picture Cheers!

Autumnal/Winter trees

Graham Thew December 8, 2015

As many of you will know one of the projects I enjoy ┬áis producing pictures with credit cards…. somehow it frees you up as you scrape paint across the surface, and I also enjoy the “happy accident” nature of the way the paint mixes on the page. Well I tried taming the process a little…Read More »