New Year’s resolution

Graham Thew March 13, 2024

My New Year’s resolution was to post here much more regularly…..and now it’s March, how did that happen?

2023 was very busy with art projects, workshops, demos and the like and I thoroughly enjoyed each day of it. Probably best to look forward now to an exciting year ahead.

There are two highlights on the distant horizon, Teaching at an hotel in the Algarve,”the Casa Rosa” 12 students have signed up for a week of watercolour painting, hopefully in the sun and warmth of Olhao. After that we are off to the Canaries to pick up an Azamara line ¬†cruise ship to teach on board during the sea days on it’s voyage to Cape Town.

Before that however the spring and summer stretch out with bookings for workshops and demos for a variety of art societies. The Artist’s Group, Blackpool Art Society, Deeside Art Group, to name but a few.

In between that I’m taking time to enjoy doing some of my own artwork gearing up for the Wirral studio tour…. I think it’s going to be a busy year… Great!

Below a picture just finished of the Waterways museum at Ellesmere Port

a view using some of the images and sketches I have done on visits to the Museum with the Wirral Urban Sketchers

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