Demo’s for D.A.G. and Magenta

Graham Thew November 15, 2019

I enjoyed presenting demonstrations for both D.A.G.(Deeside Art Group) and the Magenta art groups this week.

I was delighted to be asked in by both. D.A.G. are a very high profile art group on the Wirral with an active and enthusiastic membership. They have a regular Saturday afternoon Demo for the members. I was a little unsure what to do for them, but settled on three quick projects which they could all have a go at and which were a quick and fun way of producing a competent art work in a short space of time. The two hours flashed by and the very attentive audience chipped in with some very knowledgeable questions and observations. Delighted to say they have asked me to return in the new year to run a workshop day.

The Magenta art group are the opposite to DAG in many ways, very Low Profile, being a group of friends who used to attend classes at the Magenta art shop in Banks road run by Barbara Leach ( who it was a pleasure to catch up with again) When ┬áthe shop closed they decided to still get together on a regular basis and hence the group. I was asked to do a winter’s scene and presented them with a couple of choices. They opted for “The Winter’s Lane picture as it was both figurative and a good demo to talk about perspective. Such a friendly bunch, lots of laughing and wry comments contributed to a very pleasant morning.

Thank you to both group’s for the welcome and the opportunity which I thoroughly enjoyed!

Commission for a couple who love walking along with their two black Labradors

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