“Madman” Liang

Graham Thew November 7, 2017

The more I read about Liang Kai (1140-1210) the more I realise that he really should be considered as the father of modern art, not Cezanne, not Picasso, not Daumier ….but this Chinese painter from the tenth century who worked in ink and watercolour on silk. He was not interested in trying to depict reality but his objective was to evoke an atmosphere or subject with the minimal use of detail. He is quoted (although I don’t know how he can be quoted?) as saying,

“(his work) required a profound mastery of painting technique and perfect concentration whilst allowing for the beauty of accidental effects”

He left the court to pursue  his studies of Chan Buddhism, the Xie Yi style which is a doctrine closely associated with,

sudden enlightenment, mindfulness and spontaneity .

I just feel that this sums up the way I hope to produce artworks! now where did I leave that brush……..


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