St Ives, a seaside view

Graham Thew January 11, 2022

I have been working on this view of St Ives for a while now in an attempt to produce a picture that reflects my enjoyment and love of the town.
It is based on a number of sketches made whilst in St Ives on holiday which have been lurking in my many sketchbooks waiting for the right time for me to do something with them! I wanted an image that would balance the colour and randomness of the houses, boats and paraphernalia of the pier. In an attempt to reflect the textures of the seaside, rocks and man made structures I used watercolour pencils, collage and watercolour to construct the image and recall the joy of this Cornish Icon Town. I’m pleased with the eventual outcome and can say that I have never spent quite so much time on any previous painting trying to get it “just right”

Looking back at the town from Smeaton’s pier

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