Wirral Urban Sketchers

Graham Thew July 4, 2016

I have been asked to start an Urban Sketching group on the Wirral under the wing of Wirral Society of Arts. It’s an exciting prospect and already there seems to be quite a groundswell of interest. Below is the wording of the info I have published.If you are reading this and fancy coming along…Do!

We are starting an “Urban Sketching” Group on the Wirral and inviting anybody who is interested to come along to the inaugural sketching get-together which will be on

Sunday 31st of July
Meeting at Woodside Ferry Terminal Birkenhead at 10.30.

Anticipating a number of F.A.Q.s that those interested may raise :

What is Urban Sketching?
Basically it is drawing or painting in or outdoors (usually depending on the weather!) usually in a sketchbook, or whatever you like, in whatever medium you like. There is a national and international interest in the pastime and organisations which in due course, depending on interest, we could affiliate to. (but that’s rather getting ahead of ourselves at this time!) If you Google it or look it up on sites like Pinterest you will see the amazing breadth and diversity of the sketches being produced across the world.
Liverpool Urban sketchers have been going for just over a year now and you could have a look at their Facebook page to get a local flavour of what goes on.

Who is “running” the group?
The group will be under the wing so to speak of Wirral Society of Arts but those attending do not need to be W.S.A. members. (although they are welcome to apply!). Graham Thew has volunteered to be our local organiser which basically means he will select a venue each month and post the arrangements on the WSA Facebook page.

Where and when will the get-togethers be?
The Last Sunday of every month (Liverpool meet on the first Saturday of each Month and we don’t want to clash with them as we anticipate there are likely to be enthusiastic sketchers who may attend both groups, or if you miss one you can always catch the other)
The venues will be chosen for their choice of possible things/views to sketch, ease of access, parking, train stations, bus routes, cafe or pub to use as a base and toilet facilities.

Do I have to pay anything?
No. There is no subscription (but also we carry no insurance.) We are just a like-minded group of people getting together to pursue a pastime.

Do I have to be a good artist to come along?
No, the prime motivation for the group is to come along and spend some time with others of a like-mind, sketching in and around an area, to enjoy the company, and to sit around before and after possibly with a drink and chat about the morning’s sketching. You do not have to show anybody what you have drawn, and there are no marks awarded!

All level of skills are most welcome. There is also no tuition but you can always discuss different arty aspects with your fellow sketchers- that’s one of the fun bits. You can spend as little or as much time as you like with the group, leave early , arrive late…it’s very ad hoc. The Liverpool group encourage their members to post their sketches on their Facebook page in the days following the get-together – but if you don’t want to it really isn’t required.

That’s it see you at Woodside……

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